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s been charged with felony child sex crimes, according to local media reports.However, some of the acc▓used have died, and statute of limitations laws prevent many

others from facing criminal charges, said the media reports.The Harrisburg Diocese earlier this month identified 71 priests and other members o▓f the church who had been accused of child sex abuse."Th▓at conduct has left a legacy of pain and s▓orrow that is still being felt," Harrisburg ▓Bishop Ronald Gainer wrote in a letter to the diocese. "I apologize for these actions."Gainer also announced sweeping changes to confidentiality policies a▓nd stripped from any place of honor in the diocese the names of bishops and othe▓rs asso

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ciated with the abuses.The grand jur▓y said they subpoenaed and reviewed half a million pages of internal diocesan documents which contained credible all


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ting crimes against children

egations against the more than▓ 300 predator priests.The whole investigation ▓covers all eight dioceses in Pennsylvania. Previous grand jury reports already revea

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led abuse and coverups in tw▓o of them, Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown. Local media said the probe

▓is the most comprehensive yet on Cathol▓ic Church sex abuse in the United States.Please sc▓an the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q


R Code to follow us on WechatChina's new rehabilitation sy

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stem to better help disabled childrenChina's new rehabilitation system to better help disabled childrenChina's new rehabilitation system to better he▓lp disabled children06-02-2018 18:26 BJTBEIJING -- A new rehabilitation system will be put into operation to help children with disabilities on Oct. 1, said Jia Yo

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